16/9/15-20/9/15 5 Days in Amsterdam! We are staying at the West Inn further away from our last accommodation in Amsterdam. We opted for this hotel because it’s closer to the airport (Early morning departure to Dublin in 4 days) and it was pretty affordable. We literally spent 5 days living in our hotel. It was … More Amsterdam


15/9/15 Can’t believe our 25 day tour is over just like that. It’s been the best time of my life. Made so many friends so many good memories visited so many land marks, 9 countries, 49 people. All were foreign before this trip. Now it’s like how can I live without them! Can’t believe it’s … More Amsterdam


14/9/15 Last day with my contiki family. It’s going to be so weird without seeing all theses guys everyday and going back to real life. Too work! We are down to single digits, 9 days (not including today) till we return back to Australia. It’s a bitter sweet return. I could definitely stay here for … More Amsterdam

Austrian Tyrol

9/9/15 Whoop woop more adventurous activities today. Bike riding and paragliding. Surprise surprise I’m fkn hungover again. Not so much from last night but more so from the night before. We just could not get out of bed for breakfast or for our ‘bike ride & bbq’ optional. We heard it was mountain bike riding … More Austrian Tyrol

Veinna to Munich

7/9/15 Off to Germany! We arrived at our hostel and had a half hour to get ready to head off for our ‘Mikes Bikes Tour’. When we got there they split our groups into 2 too make the tour a lot easier to run. We rode around and had a bit of sight seeing/history lessons … More Veinna to Munich